A Traveler’s Guide to Mobile Phones Before Flying Off

t3We all agree that when traveling, one of the first things that we have in our pocket or bag (besides passport and air ticket) is our mobile phone. Your phone is like your lifeline for keeping in touch with people and the world, wherever you may be. You can use it in the case of emergencies, get in touch with family and friends back home, post your latest adventure on social media, check your emails, do a Google search, and so much more! It is simply convenient to have a phone to rely on whenever you are abroad.

However, activating your phone’s roaming service can get pretty pricey; nobody wants to go home and find a huge bill waiting for them at the end of the month. Other scenarios that you should consider are not being able to even use your phone or even worse, it gets lost or stolen. The following are some things that you should know before taking your mobile abroad.

Questions to ask your provider when taking your phone abroad

If you are planning to use your phone a lot, the first thing that you should do before getting to the airport is to get in touch with your provider and ask about their roaming service. By doing this, you will know if you can or cannot use your phone abroad. Here are questions that you should ask your carrier:

Will my phone work abroad? Most of the providers today do have roaming services but they require activation, so you can opt to do so. If you don’t want to use service abroad, some carriers can opt to temporarily deactivate your service if you want to save on roaming charges.

How much will I be charged for roaming? If your provider does offer roaming service, then you should ask how much it costs to make international calls, use the Internet, make local calls, etc.

Is my phone locked? If the answer is yes, then you might want to unlock your phone or use an R-sim. Some carriers do lock their phones. If you are to insert a new SIM card (subscriber identity module), it wouldn’t work especially if your phone is included in your mobile plan. Alternatively, you can buy a disposable phone, where you can still call and text. If the answer is no, then you can buy a local SIM card once you reach your destination.

Some tips when taking your phone overseas

Traveling abroad without your phone is like crossing a bridge, without an actual bridge. Many travelers today rely on their phones for finding tourist destinations, affordable hotels, restaurants, checking reservations, posting on social media, getting in touch with people back home, maps, translating, and so much more! So whether you can use roaming service or not, here are great tips to maximize your phone’s usage abroad:

  • Turn off everything that needs cellular data

If your provider doesn’t provide roaming service or you simply don’t want to, then it is advisable to turn off your cellular data, data roaming service or any such apps. It would also be helpful to turn off any automatic features that would require apps to connect to the internet such as emails, social media, automatic updates, etc. While abroad, you can also make great use of your phone’s airplane mode feature or call your provider to temporarily deactivate your SIM and reactivate it once you are back.

  • Use ONLY WiFi to connect to the Internet

Your phone is a tool to help you search and explore information from the Internet. It allows you to stay connected with friends and to find out about a certain place or a destination. Even without cellular data, you can still access the Internet via WiFi. Before you travel, download all the apps that you use frequently or your favorite social media apps (though using this requires you to connect to the Internet, you would be surprised at how not getting notifications every minute is simply refreshing and therapeutic). You can also download offline travel apps and interactive maps so that you don’t have to rely too much on the Internet. In doing so, there is no need to worry about finding a hotspot if you want to get connected. Most hotels, restaurants, and other facilities have free WiFi so that you can access everything that you need.

  • Maximize using apps to communicate

Apps are simply heaven sent for travelers to stay connected. If in the event you can’t use your phone or simply don’t want a huge bill filled with data roaming charges, all you need to do is maximize your using WiFi. Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc., which are useful ways to communicate to your loved ones while you are abroad. It is also a great way to communicate with your friends locally. You don’t need to have cellular service to receive a message. All you need to do is connect to the Internet via WiFi and you can instantly chat, send and receive messages in no time.

  • Buy a disposable SIM card abroad

Perhaps one of the most popular options for travelers is using a disposable SIM as it is convenient. Not only will you have local service, enable cellular data, you can also make calls both locally and internationally, and send text messages. However, some providers do lock their phones as mentioned above. You need to unlock your phone or use an adapter or R-sim to be able to use the local SIM. At the end of your trip, you can simply deactivate the service and be on your way.

Worst case scenario – stolen phone

Probably the worst thing that could happen to you abroad is losing your phone. You should be extra careful when taking out your phone in unfamiliar places as pickpockets, thieves, and swindlers often target unassuming tourists. As much as possible, never let anyone carry your phone or let it out of your sight. Not only will you lose your contacts and information, unauthorized use of your phone can result in hundreds of dollars’ worth of charges made to your phone bill. On top of that, personal photos, passwords, and emails might also be compromised. So, never lose sight of your phone while you are traveling.

If in the event that your phone is lost or stolen, do contact your provider immediately to deactivate the service, even if there is still a chance to finding it. You can opt to temporarily deactivate it just in case. You can also ask your provider to further block anyone from using your phone by blocking its IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity). To know your phone’s IMEI, you can dial #60# or simply look behind its battery. Along with your phone’s model number, take note of these set of digits if in case your phone goes missing.

Phone locating apps downloaded earlier into your phone are handy as they can be used to trace your phone and remotely wipe all information on it such as find my iPhone and Android Device Manager. This way you can fully remove all the sensitive information, lock your phone, and make your phone ring remotely.

Make it a point to check your mobile insurance policies to see if they cover lost or unauthorized use of your phone.


Your phone is one of the most important gadgets that you must always have with you at all times while you travel. It is a great tool for many travelers to quickly do a search, stay connected, and communicate through the Internet. If you are traveling abroad with your phone, it is important to get in touch with your provider about roaming service and charges before you fly off. If you don’t want to wind up with a huge phone bill at the end of the month, turn off your cellular data and roaming service, put your phone on airplane mode and simply use WiFi. You can also opt to temporarily deactivate your phone and use a local SIM card throughout the duration of your trip. Make it a point to have your important and personal information and contacts either written down or saved on another device. If you accidentally lose your phone abroad, get in touch with your provider immediately, block call-making services and wipe out all the information on your phone. When planning to travel, iprice recommends that you also bring along an international travel adaptor so that you can charge your phone wherever your destination.

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Hiring A Luxury Coach Is The Best Option For A Trip

t2When you are gearing for your leisure trip every possible effort is made to ensure that it will be indelible and cherished for a long. Activities are booked in advance to keep you adventurous throughout the trip. All your gadgets are ready to capture the candid moments when you immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. With adequate medicines and bandages, you are better prepared to overcome any uncontrollable situation. But what plays the significant role in making your trip memorable is your ride to the destination; it should be comfortable, safe, reliable, and easily accessible.

The vehicle you are hiring should be comfortable and can offer the luxury you acclimate. Before hiring any vehicle, you should ensure that the transport company will provide enough leg room during your travel to avert inconvenience and lethargy. Plenty of stops during your trip can keep you motivated, and you can enjoy great views while travelling. Above all, a nimble selection will allow you to save lots of time and your expensive items. Further, luxury vehicles are capable of accommodating the special requirements such as dietary restriction and physical movement in an excellent way.

During your journey on the luxury coach, you will experience personalised attention from the staff as coaches designed to accommodate small groups for better attention. When you are travelling in a smaller group, you will be closer to your guide and will have an in-depth experience. Going with a smaller group will mitigate your waiting time that can be utilised to get into sights and it allows faster checking into hotels. A small group is friendly and intimate, and it is easy to have seat rotation with a smaller group. It will allow everyone in the coach to experience spectacular views from different seats. Further, you have an excellent opportunity to make your fellow traveller a good friend of yours.

A luxury car hired on rent can significantly enhance your travel euphoria and can contribute towards a stress-free and memorable trip. All you need to do is to determine the type of car best suited your trip and your requirements during the journey. Spending lots of time in a luxury car is invariably memorable, and can offer what exactly you are looking for your trip. Renting a car can provide you freedom and flexibility of travelling any time to a place of your choice. Enormous benefits are attached to a hired car; it allows you to plan in advance the places you are going to visit during your trip. Further how much time you are going to spend on a particular site is totally at your discretion. Advanced planning will keep you prudent during your visit.

For some people, luxury is a weakness, but it allows you to appreciate the world’s natural beauty. And if you are travelling in luxury you can have an impeccable and unwavering taste of your journey cherished for life. Trips meant to crave a colourful life and your travel in luxurious vehicles will allow enjoying your journey in whatever form it comes. Everyone loves luxury, and when you are travelling in luxury both your journey and trip becomes memorable.

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How To Avoid Illness On Holiday

t1Many of us know the misery of a getting sick when in a strange place, and more often than not, the illness is food related. A little bit of thought and forward planning can go a long way to avoiding many of the problems. By using Our advice, we can all do our best to avoid illness and make your holiday the pleasant experience it should be.

Have your injections

Some of the more of the more exotic locations require inoculations well in advance of traveling to avoid certain diseases such as malaria and yellow fever.

Boost your immune system

A strong immune system will help your body fight any germs and bacteria you may pick up on your travels. Try to get plenty of sleep, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and take some exercise.

Don’t overdo it

Although you might want to pack so much in to your day, it is important that you get plenty of rest. A tired person is more susceptible to illness. Likewise, too much alcohol will have a similar impact on the body’s abilities to cope.

Be careful in the sun

It is far too easy to get carried away and forget about protecting yourself from the sun. Wearing a hat can help prevent sunstroke, as suncreams and clothing can prevent burning.

Watch your food:

Keeping a firm eye on what we eat and drink is the best way of avoiding a stomach upset.

Here’s our advice:

If you have any doubts about water available for drinking, washing food or cleaning teeth the best advice is to use bottled water.

Avoid ice in drinks unless you are sure it has been made from bottled water.

Avoid food that has been kept warm.

Avoid uncooked food, unless you can peel or shell it yourself.

Be careful with fish and shellfish. Uncooked shellfish, such as oysters, are a particular hazard.

General food advice:

Drink plenty of fluid when traveling, particularly when in hot countries. Many people fail to heed this advice and end up dehydrated.

Common sense tells us if a restaurant or food does not look clean, don’t eat there.

Listen to other travelers and follow their recommendations for good places to eat.

Tips for avoiding disease carrying insects:

When getting out and about, it is likely that we encounter an array of small insects and mosquitoes. To avoid being bitten or becoming a host for a parasite such as ticks, you should:

Keep arms and legs covered in the early mornings and evenings when mosquitoes are present.

Use plenty of repellent:

Turn off room lights at night, as insects are attracted to light.

Check our bodies and clothing for any insects, especially after a walk or safari.

Avoid bright coloured clothing that may attract insects.

If we should fall ill, then many of the ailments can be treated with over-the-counter remedies, some of which we should have included when packing. However, if someone should appear particularly ill then it is always wise to seek medical help.

How to stay safe in the sun:

When taking a break, most of us prefer the option of heading for the sun with one of the first priorities to gain a golden tan. While a tan may look attractive, it does not come without costs, with the sun contributing to premature aging, and in some cases leading to skin cancer.

The sun does provide vitamin D, a necessary vitamin for healthy living, but when it comes to sun exposure the best general advice is to avoid tanning.

To stay safe in the sun, we need to minimise exposure to ultra violet radiation (UVR). To do this:

Limit exposure:

Avoid exposure to the sun between 10am and 3pm, as this is the period of the day when the sun’s UVR levels are highest.

Seek shade:

Sitting in the shade reduces the amount of UVR you receive, but this doesn’t fully protect you as UVR reflects off many surfaces such as sand and water, so other methods of skin protection should be utilized.

Personal protection:


Sunscreen should be used at all times when in the sun, regardless of how dark your skin is. A sun protection factor of 30+ is best. The higher the number, the greater the protection.

Sunscreen should be applied to the skin at least 20 minutes before sun exposure, and reapplied every two hours or more frequently if swimming or perspiring. Sunscreen should not be relied on as the sole form of protecting the skin.

Wear a shirt

Wearing a shirt, especially one with long sleeves and collars provides additional protection.

Wear a hat

A broad-brimmed hat that covers the head, face, neck and ears will provide the most protection. For children a legionnaire-style hat with added protection for the neck is best.


Quality sunglasses that meet the necessary standards provide good protection for the eyes from UVRs. A close fitting, wrap around style affords the maximum protection for the eyes

Protecting young children

Youngsters should be kept safe by applying all the tips mentioned above. Young skin is particularly susceptible to burning and damage caused to the skin when young is usually permanent. Many sunscreen products indicate suitability for use on babies and children.

That covers the basics for staying safe in the sun. Now some other general advice that may be of use:

Do not fool yourself into thinking that if you are not hot that you are not burning. The damage done to the skin is done by UVRs, not related to temperature.

Avoid the need for a super deep tan. Remember that a sun tan is a sign of sun damage and the deeper the tan, the worse the damage and greater the risk of skin cancer. A skin like leather is also not particularly attractive!

Start with exposure to sun early in the day or late in the afternoon. Exposure can be increased gradually.

You can still get sunburned on cloudy days or when sitting in the shade.

Take care if participating in water sports. Water can wash off some suncscreen, while if you are boating wind combined with the reflection of the sun off the water can lead to burning.

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Tips For Packing Your Clothes For A Move

A lot of preparation and planning goes into the process of moving into a new home. All these preparations are important to make sure that all your possessions will also go with you to your new home. This means that none of your key possessions will be left behind and they are ready for unpacking and use once you arrive at your destination.

Packing your belongings is part of preparing for a move. One of the particular items that you own which you should make sure you pack properly is your clothes. Although you may say that it is more important that all your clothes arrive in your new home before or at the same time that you do, still, you would do well to pack all your wardrobes properly so that they don’t get damaged and you can wear them immediately after the move.

Below are some useful tips you can follow for packing your clothes for your move:

Find out if you can leave your clothes inside the drawers of your bedroom cabinets.

If you find the task of emptying your dresser prior to your move too much work, check with the movers if you can simply leave your clothes inside them. The movers may have no problem with this, especially if the cabinet wouldn’t be too heavy, even if your clothes are in them. However, make sure that these drawers can be locked and you have the keys to open them once they have been delivered to your new home.

Use the right storage unit.

Regular boxes will work if you pack smart. This entails folding and labeling the contents of your closet or clothes in a systematic fashion so that many of them can fit in each box. By packing properly, you get to avoid wrinkling your clothes too much as well. In addition, you can use some sort of tissue or packing paper to keep your clothes in the box clean and fresh.

Specialty wardrobe boxes with built-in racks can also be used to transport hanging clothes. If you want your clothes to arrive at your destination wrinkle-free, consider investing in and using them for the move.

Use your luggage.

Lastly, if you have some large-sized luggage and you’ll be bringing them with you when you move, fill them with your clothes. Your luggage will be perfect for moving your delicate or pricey clothing items. Using your luggage will also enable you to easily identify where your clothes are on the moving truck.

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How You Can Start Working As a Travel Blogger Right Now

Working as a Travel Blogger and the Travel Blogger Salary

This may be a stupid question, but are you someone that loves to see the world and travel to new locations frequently? Okay, here’s the next question: do you enjoy writing about where you’ve been? If you answered yes to these questions, you may enjoy a rewarding career as a travel blogger. Becoming a traveler blogger may be a dream of many people. It’s a great way to get paid for a hobby that allows you to travel the world. Your financial freedom can be attained in that you can generate cash while enjoying what you love to do: travel!

Start a Blog

Well, this shouldn’t be rocket science, but one of the first steps to getting paid as a travel blogger is to start your own travel blog. You want to research the best ways to first monetize your blog before you are offered to travel and get paid. This can create and generate income on the short term to allow you to finance your trips ahead of time, so you are not spending your own money on it. It takes a little bit of time and some hard work, but eventually you can see all of this pay off-no pun intended.

Make Your Blog Your Life

You won’t be able to be successful at earning a travel blogger salary if you don’t put everything you got into your blog. You will probably work much harder than you ever imagined. But the good news is you will love it. You shouldn’t expect to make a lot of money your first year. Many advertisers will not know who you are so you need to create your brand and get your name out there in the travel blogger world to even be offered to travel to locations to write about.

When you are a travel blogger, you don’t really have time off anymore. This means you will have to ensure you are always connected and online with your fans and fan base. You will have to ensure any posts on social media are always going up. But the trade off to not having time off is you get paid to travel. It’s an amazing career that can allow you to view the world.


Enjoy a rewarding career that can take you around the world and pay you for it. Many travel bloggers know that the travel blogger salary can be up and down due to being a freelancer, but it’s always important to set aside a savings when you have times of making too much money so during the slower times you are able to still keep traveling and doing what you were always meant to do. With the ability to travel around the world, you will gain experience in learning different cultures that others dream about. It can be an exciting and rewarding career that not many people will understand, but they will all be most envious of it, always eager to learn more about how you make a living.

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Who Says You Can’t Earn an Income While Traveling

How You Can Earn Money while Traveling

We all know how expensive traveling can be. Heck, a flight two states over, doesn’t seem as cheap as it used to. So, the thought of backpacking through Europe or island hopping in the Caribbean is going to take a nice chunk of change. Did you know that you don’t have to be rich in order to be able to travel around the world? That’s right, not only you don’t need a whole lot of money to travel, but you can actually earn money while traveling. One of the best ways of doing that is becoming a travel blogger. Travel blogging can offer all the financial freedom you could ever ask for. Here are some fundamental to know how to make money as a travel blogger.

Knowing the Basics

Before going through the basics, you need to know that you don’t have to be an exceptional writer, in order to create your own unique and popular blog. Of course, it helps to be able to write well, but you can add a lot of value to your blog with some stunning photos you take during your trip. First off, every trip is an investment, so you have to know how to travel with little money. There is a number of ways to achieve this, but the things you must first consider are volunteering and free accommodation. Many people envision orphans or injured people in a war-torn African country when they first hear volunteering, but it is not just that. Many volunteer activities include work exchange programs and offer both housing and food. You might have take care of animals or work at an organic farm somewhere in South America or Asia. However, volunteering is not the only way to get free accommodation, you could also visit one of the many home exchange, house-sitting and couch surfing sites available on the internet. Now that you know how to travel with almost no money, you have to understand how do travel bloggers make money. Well, sponsored posts are one of the most common ways of earning some extra cash. They can either be promotional articles of a product or brand or can direct readers to a specific company or website. One way of attracting sponsors is making a name for yourself – being famous and having a lot of audience always helps. Another way is joining sponsorship platforms such as http://www.themidgame.com – a user-friendly site that can connect you to a potential sponsor, provided you blog is what he is looking for, and you have enough influence. Other ways include selling advertising space on your site, or affiliate advertising, using the sites like Amazon or Orbitz earn a small percentage of every item sold through your blog.

It’s Hard, But Exciting

It may take a lot of time and effort, but travel blogging is exciting and fun. You will meet new people, discover cultures and visit beautiful places, and make money in the mean time. You have to be motivated and determined to be a successful travel blogger, but it is a special kind of job and activity.

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Know These Important Tips Before You Start Your Travel Blog

Tips on How to Become Successful with Travel Blogger Jobs

To travel around the globe is one of the most fascinating things you could experience in your entire life. A lo­t of people dream of traveling, meeting all of the new people, seeing the most famous and recognized sites all over the world, to experience the different cultures and to taste the different cuisines. It is an amazing experience to be able to engulf yourself in another country and trying to mimic being a local.

There is so much wonder that the world can offer, and many people are working hard to be able to visit those places. But there are also some, who are experiencing the luxury of free travel and even get paid for it. Those are called travel blogger jobs. You may have already come across these blogs on the internet or even have a friend that’s done this, because it is becoming increasingly popular as of late.

When talking about travel blogger jobs, it is not as easy as travelling free and creating a blog then get paid for it. There are a lot factors and things that you should keep in mind, in order for you to become a professional since amateur once, don’t really earn much.

Travel blogger jobs are rare, but one of the most enjoyable works anyone could ever have. There are a lot of struggles at first, but once you get the rhythm of your work, you’ll start to be please on how much it could sustain your living.

Here are some of the tips to become a pro on travel blogger jobs:

1. Have a focus – Since you are a travel blogger, you need to set up a theme for your blog. Find your focus on what you really enjoy when travelling and make it your blog subject. There are a lot of things that you can be interested in travelling, whether it is the different famous spots, the people, their culture, the wildlife, the food or anything, this will be your first step on being a pro travel blogger.

2. Do a little experiment – Working on a travel blogger job could be a little tough when you’re just trying to find your niche. Don’t be afraid on doing little experiments with your content subjects and eventually you will find your passion at it will be your focus.

3. Web design – It is never enough that you have good content or good pictures regarding your travel. It also good that you can maintain quality design on your websites because that is where your traffic will proceed; good impression is what you should aim for so that visitors will not hesitate to go back.

4. Social Media – Rock the social media. People who want to be successful with blogging while they travel work on booming their influence with various social media sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc.

Being a professional travel blogger is never easy, but it can be a little smoother when you have master all the tips intended to become successful. Just continue to work hard and be yourself-because people want to know what you are really feeling, as opposed to reading you go ‘through the motions’. Have fun with it!

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Destination Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada is the place to go if you want to have the time of your life. Offering a mix of parties taking place all night long, gambling opportunities on every street, as well as the traditional non-traditional marriage, the jewel of the desert knows no stop.

If you want to visit Vegas, the question always goes around where you can find the best accommodation on the Strip. Depending on the amount of money you have to spend, you are either treated like royalty, or living like a peasant.

Some of the best accommodation offers are at any of the hotels listed below;

  • Bellagio Hotel and Casino,
  • Luxor Hotel and Casino,
  • Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino,
  • Wynn Hotel and Casino,
  • MGM Grand Hotel and Casino,
  • Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino,
  • The Hard Rock Café Hotel and Casino.

And many more. All of these hotels and casinos offer some of the best amenities that a person could want.

The Vegas Strip stretches on a distance of about 7 km, creating the highest concentration of luxury resorts in the world. Big or small hotels and casinos make up for most of the urban landscape of Las Vegas, something which has no equivalent elsewhere in the world.

The Vegas Strip is a very scenic route to drive at night. Vegas certainly takes a new face when all lights are on. You will probably notice that most drivers wander with no clear destination in mind, and that being in the Las Vegas traffic is all part of the experience.

Browsing the best hotels that Las Vegas has to offer is sometimes just a matter of walking up and down the Strip, searching the hotels with rooms available. Of course, doing this at 2 A.M. means you should not expect miracles to happen. However, there is a place for everyone in Vegas; also, there is always a table where people are betting that you will be awake until the early morning hours, sometimes even longer.

Las Vegas, NV. hotels are famous not only in the United States, but also in the whole wide world. No one will look strange at you when you come half-drunk at sunrise and no one will question the morality of going for another night of intensive gambling or doing the clubbing scene. Las Vegas can be seen as “Sin City” or “The Worlds Adult Playground”, or whatever your fantasy maybe. Just remember to bring extra money to make your fantasy come true.

Most people visit Las Vegas because they feel they deserve a change of scenery and a break from the routine of each day. The Las Vegas Strip is not a place to settle and raise a family. The Las Vegas Strip is instead a place to go outside time and forget about worries. Nothing beats the feeling of meeting old friends in Las Vegas.

Booking your stay in advanced; planning your trip can be as exciting as already being there. Thus, the adventure of lifetime awaits your every anticipating thought.

Casinos in Vegas are a blooming industry and it is interesting to know that at least at an official level, everything is honest. You would need a serious support coming from official authorities in order to fight law cases against some of the biggest casino entities in the world.

The concept of casino hotels is a very important one, as it allows people to exploit both ends. Why bother to go from one place to another in the middle of the night, when you can find both accommodation and the chance to play under the same roof. In fact, many hotels are actually casinos who decided to vary their area of competence. Of course, the besthotels of Vegas take pride in focusing solely on the hospitality side. Making their guests feel as comfortable as possible with everything that they need, want or so desire.

So whether it is a quick weekend trip to Las Vegas or a family vacation to Las Vegas, make it a memorable trip.

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I Want to Travel for a Living

Travelling is one of the best things that you can do in your life. Instead of purchasing material items and collecting junk in your basement, why not spend your money making memories? Better yet, if you can get paid to travel or work while traveling, how cool would that be? There are definitely ways of generating an income and traveling the world, it’s all a matter of how creative you can be. As you may already know, there are many destinations to explore and have fun in the world. There are also jobs where you can travel the world and still get to earn a living. So if you are one of the people who are looking for how to travel as a job, then this post is exactly for you. Read on and find out

You will relish the adventure – If you are looking for working from home ideas for men or women that involve travelling, and then you are on the right track to find an adventurous job. There are numerous kinds of adventures that you can have whenever you travel. For instance, if you travel to an exotic beach location, you can enjoy surfing or even get some diving lessons and go exploring deep into the sea. Regardless of what you choose to do, travelling is a great source adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life.

One of the coolest parts of getting paid to travel is all the new faces and personalities you will encounter. You will interact with different people – I want to travel for a living because of the exposure that it offers as you get to meet and interact with people from a wide variety of places. In life, social skills are very important and learning how to communicate with other people is crucial to living a healthy life. When you sign up for jobs where you can travel the world, you get to enhance your social skills and boost your self-confidence. You might also pick up the local languages, which is always a commendable thing.

Getting exposed to different unique cultures – Most home industries ideas will have you working at your desktop without ever having to physically deal with people. However, the best small business to start from home that offers a way to experience the different cultures of the world is through joining a travel club. This is not only educational and enlightening, but it can also help you deepen your understanding of life on earth. It teaches respect for people and is usually quite humbling to appreciate how different cultures live.

Relaxation – When looking for creative business ideas from home nothing is more creative than jobs that have to do with travelling since they also offer the added benefit of relaxation. When you are escaping the stress of your ordinary job, travelling is usually an effective solution. You can engage in many different activities to help reduce stress and add some joy into your life.

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I Want to Travel the World and Get Paid

Unless you can’t stomach the feeling of riding on a boat or flying high in an airplane, you probably like the idea of traveling. There are probably a few exceptions, but everyone loves to take a vacation, right? It doesn’t matter if you like to ski or swim, taking a trip to somewhere you love or have never visited, is always exciting.

If you could find a way to do this and generate an income at the same time, would it interest you? Thinking of a job that allows you to travel? Almost everyone does, so you can expect that the competition when you are searching for ways on how to earn while travelling is stiff. Earning money while travelling is the perfect job for those people who love travelling but unfortunately, they do not have money to do so. You can save some money from your job, but ultimately you will get tired of saving money and travelling. Luckily there are ways on how to travel around the world and work. Here are some of the jobs that have to do with travelling.

Jobs Where You Can Travel the World

Flight Attendant

When you are thinking about ways on how to travel the world for a living, flight attendant will easily cross your mind. But wait; do not expect too much as flight attendants can rarely leave the airport especially those who are assigned in a short-haul. If you are indeed hoping to experience travelling the world without money spending (at least not too much), you need to be assigned on the major airlines that are servicing long hauls. But do not be sad as cabin crews are also getting travel benefits that allows them to travel along with their loved ones at a much affordable rate.

Teaching English

In case you want to experience the local life of a foreign country in a more extensive time, teaching English would be the ideal jobs that have to do with travelling. Some Non-English Speaking countries are requiring people that can teach their young student to speak English such as China, Thailand, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries. You will have to work with them for at least 6 months before you can transfer to other countries where you can teach English. In order to qualify for this job, you will need to possess a degree and a TEFL. There are also other countries that require CELTA certification.

Cruise Ship

Think you can stand being in a place surrounded by waters for a month, then being a crew member of the cruise ship would give you the answer to the question how to get paid for travelling. There are different crews required on a cruise ship such as therapist, fitness instructor, musician, nursery staff, cleaners, cooks, engineers, and others.


In case you really want the jobs where you can travel the world, being an interpreter would be the best choice. Try to master one or two foreign language and you will have the chance to travel the world as an interpreter. Choose the widely spoken language such as the Mandarin and Spanish that will let you travel to Asian Countries and Latin-speaking communities.

These are just some of the ways on how to get a job travelling the world. Try to find a career on this field and you will be able to satisfy both your career and your hobby.

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5 Reasons Why Traveling Alone Is The Best Way

Getting cold feet just imagine of traveling alone and expecting squeezing that plan right in the bud? Think again. We’re stressed all the benefits of traveling alone and why you need to take that trip. Most of us are travel-junkies at heart, we raise up images of far off places and breathtaking escapes. We moan through images of foreign cities and long to be there. We think ‘let’s go on an adventure and then silently smother that voice down just as soon as possible it spears its ugly head. Because, alone.


This is not easy; we really do get it. Especially if you’re not used to traveling all by yourself. So what we’re asking you to do is start by taking baby steps. Go on a vacation trip alone. See how that feels. Then maybe, take off for a week all by yourself. You’ll discover that once you’re over your initial anxieties, it isn’t as wicked as it seems. In fact, you may even like it. So why should we not be going our travel, because there’s no one on the skyline to go with? Here’s why.

You are superior

Oh, yes. So you wake up on the first morning of a vacation trip, right, and you don’t really want to be swish out the door and into a tourist bus packed with people who all want to go see the superb something or the other… guess what? You don’t have to! Why? That’s right. You’re the boss and superior. You choose what you want to do, you agree what you want to see, you choose when to go where, and you also decide what you want to ignore. it’s all depend upon your discretion.

Do what do you want

Keep in mind that trip you took way back with all those friends, and all that happened on the trip was a lot of inquiring around ‘what do you want to do?’, ‘I don’t know, what do you want to do?’. So much valuable time was spent in this back and forth exchange that you ended up missing out on different places which you would have liked to see. Or how about different places that you had to give a miss because someone else had surrounded with some others that they just had to see? You see where we’re going with this? You get to plan faithfully what you want to see and when you want to see it. Getting the most of a tour, now who would not want that?

Getting all answerable

Whether you realized it, and whether you wanted it or not, the moment you chose to take that trip alone, you automatically became answerable. Yup. You know that you’re going to have to take care of yourself. You know there’s going to be no one to run to for every single thing. And meanwhile you’re going to do everything for yourself, and you might as well do a great job of it. More, you’re going to be complete with an overflow of experience. How about that?

You can meet new people

You can not only meet new people, but also experiencing new things. So just suppose you’ve taken a trip with friends and family. You’re perhaps not going to end up meeting anyone new on that trip. I mean, why would you when you have all the people you need, right there with you? you’ll find yourself with completely new people, sitting by someone on the bus, or sharing a table at a cafe. And just like that, you’ll get an insight into their lives and their stories. What a whole lot of new perceptions to take back.

And learning to reflect

When you’re alone and you have all the time in the world, that you can listen to what you’re trying to tell yourself. There are no interferences, there are no whirring noises vying for your attention. This is when life’s answers come to you. You get simplicity about what you want to do, what inspirations you, what you wish in life. All you have to do is listen. How does it happen when you’re alone or not with someone else, you ask? It just does.

Let take a home awesome memories

Finally, my friend, why you must travel alone, for the awesome memories. The things you take back when you travel with the company or the things you take back when you travel alone are so changed. The experiences and the thoughts in your head and the things you’re thinking about anything takes on a whole various meaning. How about the time you almost didn’t go sky diving and the instructor urged you on? And how about when the alone selfie on the highest peak was adorned by that mountain goat? What else do we have?

So you understand, there are a hundred reasons you should travel alone and a limitless reason more. So all, we’re saying is, give in to that voice. Go take that adventure you’ve always wanted to. Just go.

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Plan Your Travel Schedule Using These 3 Essential Tips

This year alone, I would have travelled to Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Australia! On average, I travel once every month. Some trips are for business, but most are for leisure.

Despite a hectic schedule, I still managed to plan a series of trips in an efficient and effective way. Here are 3 tips I use to plan my travels.

Tip #1: Plan at least one year ahead

I usually plan a series of trips in advanced, usually one year ahead! While you might feel uncertain about your work schedule for next year, planning your trips at least one year in advanced will confer many advantages.

First, in a glance, you can identify suitable weekends for your holidays without sacrificing your off-days. For example, if a public holiday falls on a Thursday, you can take a 4-day trip while only sacrificing one off-day for Friday! If a public holiday falls on a Tuesday, then all you need is just to take a one-day off on Monday and you can jet off for your 4-day trip on Friday night or on Saturday! Within a single year, there will be at least 2 to 3 such opportunities for you to enjoy such privileges.

Second, by planning your travel schedule in a year ahead, you can enjoy significant cost savings on airline tickets and hotel bookings when you book them in advanced. I have personally enjoyed cost savings of up to 40% just by booking my flights several months earlier. More savings every trip will mean more trips you can afford to spend on!

Tip #2: Exchange itineraries with friends

Get travel itineraries from friends, or exchange itineraries with your friends. While most people tend to read travel blogs and travel review websites for ideas on places to travel, the old-fashioned friend-to-friend advice still has a role to play. Even better if your friends are natives or citizens in the country you are traveling to.

First, friends understand your travel preferences, budget constraints and habits better than websites and blogs do, and can offer you personalised advice to suit your travel needs.

Second, friends can point out the smaller but essential details that travel websites sometimes can’t. For example, they can tell you whether it is better to travel by bus, train or by car from one destination to the next, when is the best time to travel, where is the best hidden spot to enjoy the sunrise, and what the locals do that foreigners do not. These uncommon advice cannot be found in your regular travel blogs.

Tip #3: Basic budget planning

Planning your trips in advanced will allow you a heads up in budgeting for your trip. You will know how much you need to save up in one-years time, and will be less tempted to splurge on other non-necessities in trying to save up for your world adventures.


Planning your trip at least one year ahead will confer you many advantages. Time to get excited in planning a calendar full of trips for next year!

About The Author

Kwan Hong helps professionals, business executives and youths gain rapid mastery in communication skills, personal peak performance and career growth. He has delivered impactful workshops and facilitated seminars in public speaking, communication skills, leadership, personal peak performance, entrepreneurship and business development. He has synthesized knowledge from 8 Degrees and Diplomas, from over 100 certifications and from 1000 books to bring his clients the best tips, tricks and techniques for personal success.

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How To Protect Your Travel Gadgets The Right Way

Most of us cannot function without our gadgets. This is particularly true when it comes to travels. No matter how restricted the airline baggage is, you’d always try to fit in the maximum amount of travel gadgets that you possibly can. They are helpful in many ways. However, taking care of these gadgets is a whole new matter. Travel gadgets are fragile and sensitive, and must be properly taken care of. When you decide to take them along, you must be responsible enough to take care of them at all times because damage to your gadgets is often a very miserable state. Here are some helpful tips to protect your travel gadgets from any possible damages.

1. Pack the Essential Ones

When you pack travel gadgets, make sure to pack only the ones that you would really need. That is because taking care of gadgets is a huge hassle and there are criminals always on the look to sneak away with your valued gadgets. It’s very exciting to carry all that you have. The truth is that you probably won’t even need half of them. There is little point in carrying stuff that would only be a burden when you travel abroad. For this reason, shortlist the ones that you truly need on your trip and pack only those. The rest can enjoy the benefit of staying back home and enjoying their freedom.

2. Pack it the Correct Way

Packing your travel gadgets is just not the same as packing your clothes which you can simply just put in your luggage. Since travel gadgets are fragile, you must learn to protect them the right way. Make sure each of them has a cover and protector because the luggage mostly gets handled in a very rough manner. The security checks are particularly painful when it comes to packing gadgets. For this reason, make sure they are kept away separately so that it’s not too difficult to pack your stuff again. All the chords must be properly wrapped. Lastly, don’t forget to carry the travel adapter.

3. Protect Your Gadgets Against Theft

Theft of your travel gadgets is the worst kind of travel misery. Firstly, you worry over the monetary value of the gadget. Secondly, the digital identity theft is a greater concern that takes your peace away. You carry a whole world inside your gadgets and once they’re stolen it is a horrible situation. For this reason, it is important to carry only stuff that you can properly take care of. Travel insurance is very helpful when it comes to gadgets. If you think it’s difficult for you to afford an insurance plan, you simply aren’t prepared to travel as yet.

4. Protecting From Extreme Weather

During extreme winters and summers, your gadgets can start acting up in a weird manner and give you a tough time. Make sure you give them extra attention during this time. Long exposure to the sun can also be really bad for your gadgets.

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